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As part of the sponsorship opportunity I will offer the following services to help promote your business.

•    I currently have a website where I will be offering race reports, photos, news on upcoming events and detailed information on my current (and future sponsors)
•    I also have a facebook racing page and instagram account. These will be used in conjunction with the website as a quick, accessible stream of information that will include amongst other things how my preparation is progressing and information regarding my training regime.
•    Decals visible on bike (depending on sponsorship level desired)
•    Pit boards bought to race meetings and set up in the pits.
•    Any fliers or pamphlets potential sponsors are wanting on display.

I am of course willing to discuss any alternative ideas potential sponsors have and will take anything into consideration.

I believe there is a strong potential for advertisement in this sport due to its unique and exciting nature and the passionate and dedicated people that are involved and help the sport run these series and events. The recent increase in television coverage is also worth mentioning. The national racing is now being surmised on shows such as CRC motorsport, The boxing day races at Wanganui are given live air time some major stations and almost all racing being live streamed over the internet with live commentary. I believe my current sponsors have recognised and benefitted from this.

My training regime is one of the main contributors in my approach to racing. This is one aspect which may have an appeal across these mediums. I will be documenting my rough eating plan and a training plan which I strongly believe has helped elevate my level of riding in the last few years.

Sponsorship can be taken on a series by series base and I will be offering the following packages

•    $500 – Basic, mentions on all Facebook posts and racing reports, logo on pit board
•    $1500 – Mid, Basic + Logo on bike, sponsor listed on entries (will display on all booklets/results etc throughout the day
•    $3000 – High, Mid + increased display w/ separate pit board, larger bike coverage and embossing on leathers with specific mentions where possible,