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HMCC Winter Series Round 1 Report
8 May 2016
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Hi Guys

The HMCC winter series started the following weekend at Taupo. With a slightly scuffed bike I managed to qualify 7th on the race day following the practice on the Saturday. I was hoping to qualify better but grateful none the less as going out with a tinted visor on a quickly darkening morning proved to be a mistake. Fortunately I was able to pull in and change visors giving me just enough time to get out for one flying lap and improve my qualifying time. Taupo can be a very hard place to pass due to its linking corners and flowing nature so qualifying this far back had me on the back foot all day. I managed 3rd position in all 3 of these races (in my class, it being a mixed “senior” grid again). Although not a bad result I was quite disappointed as my pace on the Saturday was good and I was feeling confidant to be a bit further up the grid. A wrong choice of front tyre compound sapped my confidence in the front end and getting caught in traffic made it hard to get into a good rhythm for the day.

Regardless it was still a positive result and I learnt a lot through it. More importantly I didn’t blindly push through it and risk a crash, rather settled into my pace and took the podiums where I could

Thanks again for all the support, next race is in a couple of weeks on the 12th so ill be sure to let you know how I get on.

Cheers   Jake - #12