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Race Reports

2015 Suzuiki series Round 2
12 December 2015
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Hi guys

A little late I know but I just thought id let you know how the manfield race went. 

Qualifying was on a damp track  after the morning rain, conditions wernt too bad however as it was still a full dry setup and I managed to better my old personal best with a 1:11.7. A good start to the day...

Race 1 was a good fun race and one of my personal favourites so far! I was involved with a tight 3 rider race for 11th. I was again caught up with Billy Redmayne from the isle of Man, who is a skilled rider and bloody tough raceer.  Early on in the race we traded places several times before I settled in behind him during the middle of the race. Due to me rushing several passes at the same spot, he had soon learned was able to successfully block me at this spot every time during the last couple of laps. I treated this as a bit of a lesson in not rushing a pass and keeping something in reserve until it is needed later on in the race.  I ended up in 12th with a new best lap of 1:11.1

Race two was a bit of a mess with 2 restarts and the race being called before full distance. This was a real shame as I had made a small change with the suspension which gave me a good feeling with how the bike was handling. This helped me to lower my personal best again to a 1:10.7 which I was thrilled with. I would have loved the race to run full distance! 

I was quite happy with how the weekend went and I am now sitting 11th in the standings. I am hoping for a good round at whanganui and am aiming for a top 10 in the series.